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Celebration of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Foundation Day and launch of ‘Little Guru’ a Sanskrit learning gaming App on 29 April 2021

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Press Release

Celebration of Indian Council for Cultural  Relations (ICCR) Foundation  Day
and launch of ‘Little Guru’ a Sanskrit learning gaming App on 29 April 2021

High Commission of India organized an event this afternoon at the Chancery to celebrate the ICCR Foundation Day (which falls on 9 April every year) and also the launch of a Sanskrit learning gaming App, ‘Little Guru’.

ICCR has launched a campaign to promote Sanskrit language among students, religious scholars, Indologists, historians across the world.  As a part of its mandate to promote the vibrant cultural heritage of India, ICCR promotes Sanskrit by providing books and learning materials to Sanskrit institutes all over the world.  ICCR also deputes teachers and professors to universities and institutes teaching Sanskrit.

In keeping pace with changing technology in both access as well as teaching methods, ICCR has tied up with Gamapp Sportswizz Tech. Pvt. Ltd. to launch 'Little Guru', a specialized App for learning Sanskrit.  ‘Little Guru’ will be a gamified App based on an interactive platform which will make Sanskrit learning easy, entertaining and fun.  This App will help people who are already learning Sanskrit or those who are desirous to learn Sanskrit to do so in an easy manner based on games, competition, rewards, peer to peer interactions, etc.  This unique App combines education with entertainment thereby helping keep attention of the learner as well as encourage him/her to advance further.

Over the past few years, ICCR has been receiving a large number of requests from across the world both from the Indian diaspora as well as foreigners interested in Sanskrit.  Many of the Buddhist, Jain and other religious texts are in Sanskrit and there has been a great demand from such countries for assistance in learning the language.  Within the diaspora community, the desire to stay connected with their roots as well as to access the rich literary epics and texts of India has attracted a huge demand for Sanskrit.  The number of Sanskrit universities across the world have also been keen on an App which would help not only the students who are currently studying in these universities but also to act as a feeder for young scholars to learn Sanskrit before joining universities.

High Commissioner H.E. Ajaneesh Kumar in his address emphasised that the launch of this App 'Little Guru' will go a long way in popularizing Sanskrit.  He stated that Sanskrit continues to be a living language, being used daily in religious activities as well as by scholars accessing literary texts.  He underlined that the App would help create awareness not only about the language but also open the doors for people to access the rich cultural heritage of India.

The event was attended by 56 guests including members of the academia.


Brunei Darussalam, 29 April 2021.