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The High Commission of India

"Baitussyifaa", Simpang 40-22,

Jalan Sungai Akar,

Bandar Seri Begawan,

BC 3915 Brunei Darussalam

Phone :+673-2339947, 2339685, 2339751

Fax : +673-2339783

Email : cons.brunei@mea.gov.in

: +673 7193064

Economic and Commercial:

Please send e-mail for commercial / trade-related queries.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Yadav
Attache (Pol. & Com.)

Email : com.brunei@mea.gov.in

Email : comsec.brunei@mea.gov.in

Consular Matter, Community Affairs, and Labour :

Visa, Passport, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and other consular queries. Please send e-mail with your contact details for all consular related queries.

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Bafna,

Attaché (Cons)

E-mail: cons.brunei@mea.gov.in