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Advisory regarding any COVID-19 case(s) amongst Indian community in Brunei

Advisory on recording of 'Rashtra Gaan' on https://rashtragaan.in

Advisory and Information for students desirous of Pursuing Medical Studies abroad

High Commission will remain close on 20 September 2018 instead of 21 September 2018.


It has come to the attention of the High Commission of India, Brunei Darussalam that the expatriate community in Brunei Darussalam, including Indian citizens, is receiving phone calls purportedly from the phone numbers of the High Commission and being asked to give their personal details, including their passport details, on one pretext or the other. The caller who identifies himself as a High Commission official, then asks for money or makes deportation.

The High commission of India, Brunei Darussalam wishes to convey that it does not seek any personal information from any Indian national over phone and hence no information should be disclosed by any recipient of such phone calls. These calls are being made to elicit personal information from the targeted receiver by unscrupulous persons in a similar manner as a ‘Phishing Expedition’ over e-mails and internet sites. The receivers of such calls are advised not to entertain these calls and not to part with any of their personal data or make money transfers.

Phishing Telephone Calls 




Use of Thuraya or any other Satellite Phones are banned in India. All foreign nationals are hereby advised to NOT carry Thuraya or any other Satellite Phones when they travel in India. If any foreign national is found in possession of Thuraya or any other Satellite Phones in India, he/she will be liable for presecution under Indian Laws.