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The High Commission of India, Brunei Darussalam is pleased to announce that with effect from 26 January 2022, all visa applicants need to directly upload the visa supporting documents “online” at the time of filling-up visa application forms for early processing and to avoid inconvenience to the visa applicant.

The visa applicants can now fill their visa application and upload all the supporting documents online. However, they will have to submit hard-copiesof all the uploaded documents along with the print of application to the High Commission for processing of their visa application. The visa applicants are advised that they will not be able to complete visa application submission process without uploading the required supporting documents.


19 January 2022


The High Commission of India, Brunei Darussalam is pleased to announce that with effect from Monday, 26 April 2021, the High Commission will start accepting emergency visa applications beyond office hours and on holidays for emergency travel to India.

The fee for this service will be B$ 67 plus ICWF charges of B$ 5 in addition to the Visa fee.


Brunei Darussalam, 21 April, 2021

Important notice for holders of Brunei International Certificate of Identity (ICI)

            The High Commission of India in Brunei Darussalam would like to advise holders ofInternational Certificate of Identity (ICI) issued by the Government of Brunei Darussalam not to apply for online E-Tourist Visa for travel to India. They should apply to the High Commission for a regular Indian visa. India’s immigration authorities do not provide Electronic Tourist Visa to ICI-holders.

IMPORTANT : All Applicatns will have to record there biometrics at the time of submission of there visa applications.


Since JANUARY 2012, all VISA APPLICATIONS have to be made ONLINE in the NEW SYSTEM which is available at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ only

Then, click “online visa application registration” at the bottom of the webpage. Please follow the onscreen instructions and complete the data entry followed by printing of visa application. Photo uploading should also be done at the time of data entry. In case of difficulties, photo uploading can be done later by the High Commission of India. Please make sure that all fields in the webform are filled in. The type of visa, number of entries and period of visa required should be clearly indicated.

Following documents are required to be submitted for all categories of visa: 

  • Passport: it should have a minimum validity of six months with blank page for Visa sticker.
  • Photographs: 3 latest, colour, matt (not glossy), passport size photographs depicting front pose against white background are required. One of them should be pasted in the specified place and the other 2 may be stapled with the application form. Photo Size: [5cm x 5cm] or [2” x 2”].
  • Supporting documents: The visa application should be accompanied with supporting documents for type of visa applied for.

For visa fee, please see Visa Fees section below.  Visa fee is Non-Refundable.

NOTE: These are general guidelines. In case of any other requirements the same will have to be provided by the applicant. 

Types of Visa and requirements

Tourist Visa (TV): It is issued for the purpose of sight seeing and family visit. No other activity is permissible on a TV and it is non-extendable and non-convertible. The application for the same should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Confirmed return ticket or print out of the confirmed to and fro journey.
  • Confirmation of hotel bookings.

A gap of minimum two months should be maintained between each visit to India.  For more information on latest guidelines on Tourist visa, click on the link http://mha.nic.in/pdfs/FAQ-TVisa311209.pdf

Transit Visa (TR) : 

It is valid for single/double entry for a maximum stay of 72 hours and issued for bona fide transit purpose only. A copy of the airline ticket needs to be enclosed.

Business Visa (B) :

  • Confirmed return ticket or print out of the confirmed to and fro journey.
  • Letter of request/guarantee from the company in Brunei indicating nature of Applicant’s Business and position held in the Company.  In case the person is self employed, copy of his bank statement in original and his business card.
  • Letter of invitation from the company in India. It should clearly indicate the period of invitation. (On Company’s letter head- fax/scanned copy only/ E mail communication without signature is not acceptable).
  • Company Registration Certificate

It is granted for short visits to India for engaging in business or attending business meetings/negotiations. Stay or seeking employment under Business visa is illegal. It is non extendable and non convertible.  For more information on Business visa click on the link http://mha.nic.in/pdfs/work_visa_faq.pdf

 ‘X’ Entry Visa: 

This type of visa is granted to

  • Foreign spouse/children of Indian nationals particularly those who want to live in India. Foreigners residing in India can also invite their family (spouse and children) to stay with him/her on the basis of his/her valid Indian visa.  It can be granted for a maximum period of one year with multiple entries which is extendable in India. The following documents are required for processing the visa.
    • Marriage Certificate in case of spouse/ Birth Certificate in case of child (Original Certificates should be produced for verification alongwith copies)
    • Confirmed return ticket or print out of the confirmed to and fro journey (for visits less than one year).
    • Copy of Indian passport/ copy of passport with valid Indian visa
    • Sponsorship letter from the spouse/parent for stay in India
  • Foreigners coming to India for learning Yoga/ Vedic culture in recognized institutions in India are also eligible for Entry Visa.  
  • Spouses of an OCI/PIO card holders and dependent children can also apply for Entry Visa subject to production of necessary proof.

Conference Visa (C): 

This type of visa is issued for participation in international conferences/seminars/workshops/meetings/symposia being organized by Government bodies, International organizations, public sector units and NGOs in India. The applications for this visa need to have clearance by relevant Ministries.

  • Administrative approval from nodal Ministry/ Department.
  • Clearance from Central/concerned State Government.
  • Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Coordination Division.
  • Event clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and security clearance wherever required and accompanied by the following documents:
  • A letter of invitation from the Indian organizer of the conference.
  • A letter of recommendation from the institution in Brunei with whom the applicant is affiliated.
  • Confirmed return ticket or print out of the confirmed to and fro journey.

It is the responsibility of organizers to obtain clearances through the nodal ministries from MHA and MEA before sending invitation to foreign participants. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance and ensure that the organizers have obtained necessary approval from Government of India. 

Incomplete Applications will delay the processing and are liable to be REJECTED. So please fill in the application form carefully. All relevant information for applying for Visas is given below; Please refer to the guidelines given below before filling the application.

For visas which are not falling under the above categories, applicant may contact Consular Section for further information/requirement.

Medical Visa (Med-1 Visa)- It is issued to a foreigner whose sole purpose is to seek medical treatment in established/recognized/specialized hospitals/treatment centres in India and who has submitted the medical documents establishing the need for and the bonafides of taking medical treatment in India.

Attendants/ family members of the patient, travelling to India for medical treatment may be granted MED-2 visa co-terminus with the MED-1 Visa’ of the patient. However, minor children accompanying a parent, who has reached for medical treatment on a Medical (MED-1) Visa, may be granted ‘X-Misc.’ Visa co-terminus with the Medical (MED-1) Visa of the principal visa holder. X-Misc Visa of such minor children may be extended by FRRO concerned co-terminus with the Medical (MED-1) Visa of the principal visa holder.

The principal Med-1 visa holder, Med-2 visa holder & X-Misc visa holder shall exit India together, on completion of treatment or expiry of visa.

AYUSH Visa (AY-1)- It is issued to a foreigner whose sole purpose is to seek treatment through Ayush systems/ Indian systems of medicine like therapeutic care and wellness (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha & Homoeopathy) in a Hospital/ Wellness Centre accredited and registered with any Government authority (ies) concerned or NABH/ NCH/ NCISM accredited hospitals providing Ayush services and who has submitted the medical documents (supporting letter from an accredited Ayush Institution where the patient will be treated and prescription/ medical history document necessitating the treatment (not applicable to wellness) duly stamped by the concerned accredited hospital of the foreigner’s country of origin or country of domicile.

AYUSH-2 (AY-2) Visa- Attendants/ family members of the patient travelling to India for medical treatment under Ayush systems may be granted this visa co-terminus with the AY-1 visa of the patient. However, minor children below 18 years of age, accompanying a parent, who has come for treatment on AY-1 Visa may be granted “X-Misc”. Visa of such minor child may be extended by FRRO concerned co-terminus with the AY-1 visa of the principal visa holder.

The principal AY-1 visa holder, AY-2 visa holder & X-Misc visa holder shall exit India together, on completion of treatment or expiry of visa.

Visa Fee for foreigners