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Subject- Applications Invited for the next round of DIA (Research) Fellowships by Government of India at IITs

Greetings from the DIA (Doctoral-fellowship in India for ASEAN) Secretariat, India.

Applications are invited for next round of the DIA programme, which is said to be the largest capacity development programme ever conducted by the Government of India for foreign citizens and involves up to 1000 research fellowships exclusively for ASEAN citizens at one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

Programme Brief:  The DIA programme, i.e., Doctoral-fellowship in India for ASEAN was announced on 25th January 2018, the eve of Indian Republic Day, by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, in the presence of the leaders of all ten ASEAN member states. 

About IITs:  IITs thrive on their quality education and strict selection criteria. Indian Institutes of Technology are globally recognized as premier institutions for engineering education and research. Several IITs are in the global top 50 / top 100 in the Engineering category.

Education at IITs empowers the students with a critical thinking led scientific approach to solve problems that challenge humanity, and access to diverse alumni network spread across the world.

IIT offers Quality education and Vast Exposure: IITs have one of the most influential and vast alumni networks.  Alumni have excelled in every field that includes academia, national science programs, industry, politics, literature, spirituality, and more.  IITs have produced the most successful professionals including, the CEOs of Google and IBM, co-founder and ex-chairman of Infosys, Vice Chairman of SoftBank Corp. and CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media, Chairmen of the Indian Space Research Organization and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Union Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers of Indian states, Diplomats and Bureaucrats.

Scholarship: DIA fellowship include a monthly stipend of INR 31,000/- for the first two years, INR 35,000/- for the remaining duration and an annual research grant of up to INR 170,000/- to be used only for research expenses. The maximum duration of the fellowship is up to 5 years.

*The tuition and hostel fee needs to be paid by candidates from their stipend. The fees (tuition and hostel) vary from IIT to IIT; indicative tuition and hostel fees of respective IITs can be found by exploring the IIT page on the website www.asean-iitd.in 

For Selection Criteria and Selection procedure:

Please visit www.asean-iitd.in for detailed information on the range of programmes offered by 23 IITs. Do watch the videos at https://youtu.be/B5wxQU715Ec and https://youtu.be/spL53Fso_Bs for a glimpse of the programme and the IITs.

Please visit our website (www.asean-iitd.in) for more details on the programme.

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Team DIA