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High Commission of India organised a Business Symposium at Rizqun International Hotel on 26 February 2024

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High Commission of India, Brunei Darussalam

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Press Release No.03/2024
Press Release

High Commission of India organised a business symposium on 26 February 2024

The High Commission of India in Brunei Darussalam organised a dynamic and insightful business symposium titled "India-Brunei Darussalam Trade and Investment Opportunities for Market Expansion" on Monday, 26 February 2024, at the Rizqun International Hotel.   It was attended by 50 esteemed members from the Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Brunei Economic Development Board and others.   The symposium aimed to deepen economic ties and exploring avenues for trade expansion and investment cooperation between India and Brunei Darussalam. 

The event commenced with an enthusiastic and gracious welcome from His Excellency Alok Amitabh Dimri, the esteemed High Commissioner of India, whose opening remarks eloquently underscored the vast array of burgeoning opportunities awaiting exploration within the dynamic Indian market. Delving into the broader landscape of the global economy, High Commissioner delineated the emergence of India as the fifth-largest economy on the world stage, captivating the audience with an insightful analysis of key economic trends and potential pathways forward. This initial address not only set a tone of anticipation but also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent series of presentations, each offering valuable perspectives and strategic insights into navigating the complexities of this evolving economic landscape. The insightful presentations were on:

  1. Indian Economy Snapshot and India-Brunei Bilateral Trade and Investment Opportunities by Mr. SDK Menon, Head of Chancery, providing a comprehensive overview of the Indian economy and outlined the promising avenues for bilateral trade and investment.

  2. Doing Business in Brunei by Mr. Nazeer Ahmad, President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, who shared insights into Brunei's business landscape, regulatory framework, and potential avenues for Indian businesses.

  3. Exploring Opportunities for Bruneians in India by Mr. Haji Abdul Hami @ Sabli bin Haji Arsad, President of the Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who highlighted areas for Bruneian businesses to leverage India's expertise.

The subsequent lively Question and Answer session, moderated by Mr. Shaun Hoon, delved deeper into key topics. Discussions during the symposium covered areas such as oil & gas, food and packaging, pharmaceuticals, direct importing from India, and the potential for direct flights and banking services between the two countries.

The symposium concluded with optimism and a commitment to further collaboration between India and Brunei Darussalam. Both Chambers of Commerce announced plans for separate meetings to enhance trade relations and capitalize on identified opportunities.


Brunei Darussalam, 26 February 2024.