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High Commission of India organised a business event under State Facilitation Abroad on 8 March 2024

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Press Release No.04/2024 

Press Release 

High Commission of India organised a business event on 8 March 2024 

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of India-Brunei  Darussalam Diplomatic Relations, the High Commission of India organised a dynamic  and insightful business event titled "Promotion of Investment, Trade, Tourism of Tamil  Nadu & Kerala" on Friday, 8 March 2024, at India House. It was attended by 60  prominent members. The event held under State Facilitation Abroad initiative aimed  to deepen economic ties and exploring avenues for trade expansion and investment  cooperation between Indian States of Tamil Nadu & Kerala and Brunei Darussalam.  

This event represented a significant step towards fostering closer economic and cultural  ties between India, specifically the States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and Brunei  Darussalam. By focusing on the promotion of Investment, Trade, and Tourism, the event  underlines the importance of State-level diplomacy in international relations, especially  in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. 

The event commenced with gracious welcome from His Excellency Alok Amitabh Dimri,  the esteemed High Commissioner of India, underscoring the importance India places on  its relationship with Brunei Darussalam. His opening remarks not only set a positive  tone for the symposium but also highlighted the potential for growth and collaboration  between these regions. 

The presentation on "One District One Product" initiative by Mr. SDK Menon, Head of  Chancery was particularly notable as it focused on the unique strengths and products  of individual Districts, which can lead to more targeted and effective economic  development strategies. By showcasing the cultural products of Tamil Nadu and Kerala,  the event also emphasized the role of cultural diplomacy in strengthening bilateral  relations. Cultural performances and the Exhibition of cultural products of Tamil Nadu  & Kerala brought from India provided tangible experiences of the rich heritage of these  Indian States to the attendees, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation. The  handover of a mural painting and the involvement of artists like Ms. Archana Anil, Ms.  Shivani Santhosh, and Ms. Manju add a unique cultural dimension to the event,  illustrating the deep cultural connections that can complement economic ties. 

As India and Brunei Darussalam continue to explore avenues for enhanced cooperation,  this event served as a model for other States in India to engage more deeply with Brunei  Darussalam, leveraging their unique cultural and economic strengths to foster  beneficial partnerships. 


Brunei Darussalam, 8 March 2024.